One year

Today, this email idea newsletter, Ideas that really matter completes one full year. I did n’t remember that day but it was December 2018 when I decided to start this email community sharing my ideas on work, personal growth and marketing.

Here are two notable facts about my blogging journey:

Already published 300+ blogs online (including this one)

Written more than 5000 words approx. (not counting today’s blog)

But that’s not why I’m sending these ideas into the world.

The purpose is to write each piece of writing every day is to add value into your life (and other readers) inspiring you to do work that matters. Maybe in marketing or at your job or at your business or at your college. Until my everyday writing is making a difference in “ someone’s ” life... I will be continuing writing these daily blogs and sharing with you.

Thanks for being a loyal reader and for giving me a reason to write :)

Some nice words said by my reader:

"The thing I like about these emails is that they are acting as a short personality development course for me. You touch different things in your mails, some which I know and some which I don't. So it helps me in knowing about new things". ~ Ankur Sharma


"I look forward to your e-mails as I get to learn new things from you. Your newsletter consists of everything useful and nothing bullshit or time-wasting. I wish you all the best to keep it going! :D " ~ Gunkaar Singh


It is always great to read your work. Also, my laptop is not working from last two-three weeks so I am less frequent on Gmail. Anyways thank you again for sharing this story.

Keep up the great work ~ Sonam


Hello Harkirat,

I must appreciate your content writing skills. I really enjoy reading every article.

What I can suggest you is, make your own publication in medium and display your talent and creativity on the writing skills over there.

And yeah, keep writing. ~Mayank Devnani


The mails are good.

Especially, that ramayana one. cause that's was not just focused on our-self but also the importance of religion, true meaning of religion.

I have always believed "Religion is kind of an education system that was made by our ancestors so as to teach newer generation what it means to be human. What we do everyday, that constitutes to something. like a butterfly effect. So, we always should do things in a human/legit way not the opposite. No religion in the world has ever encouraged for violence, ego, cruelty,etc. So many religions in the world are only because, our ancestors too had their own style to teach things, but their motto was the same. Bring Humanity to Humans."

Keep it up Harkirat.

Bravo-Zulu :-) ~ Vaibhav

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