One quality you need first to become a remarkable leader…

Let’s talk for a minute about Leaders and their leadership qualities, very fascinating and trending topic nowadays.

From the past few months, I’ve been working with many different leaders and noticing how they’re making good use of their leadership qualities to make a difference in the community. I am inspired by them.

On the other hand, last year I’ve also observing leaders, who have that “TAG” of leadership but in reality, they aren’t making any difference. And trust me, these people were high-on-skill and knowledge as compared to the first group I talked above.

Still, they failed as a leader...and the first group was doing remarkably awesome work for community...Why?

“Because they might have the wrong tools or didn’t knew any resources?”

Nope. it’s never about the background.

“Because they’re not innovative or producing good content for their tribe?”

Nope. Innovation matters last. What’s the important and the first quality you

need to be a leader loved by the tribe.

“Because they don't know how to manage their community?”

Sorry boss. Leadership is not management.

Then what’s that one quality that you need first to become a leader everyone wants sot to work with?

It’s Commitment!

Once you are totally committed to lead your people...your tribe...your employees...your club...your client…your customers...Everything (skills, knowledge, innovation) will take care of itself.

If you’re not committed in the first place. No matter how many PRO skills you have or how smart you are you cannot ...can not become a leader you’re proud of and that the tribe can interact with.

Want to see some real examples? Google these names:

Mahatma Gandhi

John F Kennedy

Martin Luther King Jr.

Simon Sinek

Mary Barra

...And there are many more. I might miss out.

Read about them and you’ll get what I’m saying :)

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