One big reason, social media is so successful?

We can’t imagine a world where there is no snapchat and twitter, where there is no facebook and whatsApp. You hardly see anyone who doesn’t have any of these in their smartphone. It’s rare to find them.

But wonder why that so? Why it’s so difficult to press the delete button for uninstalling these apps from your smartphone?

Because information and ideas are easy to share using these platforms. Within seconds, without effort, without much thinking, just one click and BOOM...Your idea is out there.

Similarly, in the real world, your ideas that you want to see existing in this world should also be easy to share.

Your brand message, if not easy to share from one person to another then it can be difficult for you to make a change you are seeking.

That 7 minutes speech you’re preparing for, if not having packed with an easy to share message, then people will forget your saying when they leave the room.

All the top achievers invested time to make sure that their message is easy to share from person to person, from one profile to another.

Absolutely, it’s not the only common thing in ideas that’s spreads but it’s something worth giving attention to.

Key takeaway: Make your ideas easy to share.

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