New startups need to adapt "Relevance" marketing!

Yes, the keyword here is "relevance".

If you don't know, the marketing has evolved over the years from mass-marketing to customer experience to personalization and this is where we are today.

Unfortunately, when a new startup steps in the competition, the mistake they do is to implement the old traditional ways of marketing that results them in hardships. I've seen my own friends startup doing this.

As a co-founder of a startup, when you're the only person in the business who knows more about your product/service than anyone else, you can't just go into the market without working on the relevance part.

Let me explain what i mean by relevance.

According to me when you take your first step in your industry you must work on:

Relevant audience- "If your product is for everybody then you're selling to nobody".

It's Pretty simple thing. right?

Of course, i have not reveled any magic trick here. But often, majority....majority of startups misses out this simple concept. You have to go deeper into your industry and target minority of people. Go as niche as you can. And try to find first 10 customers who are ready to buy your product.

Let's say you're selling a 100 Rs. pen. Now not everyone buys this, including me. You have to understand the people who buys 100 Rs.Pen.

Let's start with students. Students buys pen a lot. Specially from class 9th-class 12th because that's when our school officially allows them to use pen for everyday work. But we can't target students as it's a broader term.

Now, go deeper into type of students with their family background. If you've probably guessed it, students from backwards and middle class background will never gonna think of your pen. As it's too expensive for them.

The ideal buyer will be students from rich upper-middle class and rich backgrounds. This would be the relevance audience for you.

Yes, you can go even more deeper to get better understanding but my work is to get you into the right direction.

See. how simple it was. You need to figure out the relevance audience/buyer who're ready to use your product.

The relevance marketing not only ends here, in upcoming posts i'll be talking on this topic at more "niche" level.

Thanks for reading :)

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