Motion v Action

Both the terms sound similar but are different in reality. When we’re in motion we’re more focused towards planning, strategizing and preparing ourselves for the real work that needs to be done. Often at our jobs ...checking off the task from our to-do lists feels like we’re making progress. But, in reality, we were just in motion, completing the activities that needed to be done. Which is, after all, the part of the process, not the action itself. Actions would be focusing our energy and time in getting results and producing outcomes from the activities/tasks we’ve done. It’s like accomplishing something at the end of the day. Although the motion is important, it’s not enough to produce an end result. And we humans love to be in motion overtaking action because we avoid doing stuff that might lead to failure or open the doors for criticism. And in motion, we feel like we’re making progress without running the risk of failure. That’s why we see people who only strive for “best” keep procrastinating to ship their ideas into the world. Whereas people who turn their focus from process to results end up producing more and better stuff than the latter ones. For making this concept more clear in your mind here are some other common scenario of motion v taking actions: Motion: Talking to 30 people who might be interested in your next product. Taking actions: If any one of them eventually buys something from you. Motion: Brainstorming about 10 new ideas about your new youtube video. Taking action: Shooting the video and publishing it. Motion: Learning and reading articles and books on how to wake up at 5 A.M. Taking actions: Start building a habit to wake up at 5 A.M. I’m sure the above example allows you to ponder such scenarios from your past where you were actually in motion and not in action. For becoming an action taker you do not need to study rocket science or any B.S. It’s a learnable skill, all you need is commitment and practice for building it as a habit. Exercise for you: Define one idea that is still pending in your journal and need to be tested. Make a proper list of tasks that get the ball rolling for you i.e motion. And set a timeline of when you’ll start writing this blog and publish it. For example: If you want to write a blog on “how to lose your weight” then the motion would be researching about the topic, learning from books and thinking what to write. The action would be to make notes of what you read and start converting that notes into a full-fledge blog and make it public for the world to read. My friend, it takes courage to get from the state of motion to action. And the people who

get things done are celebrated by the world. Let’s choose action. P.S: The inspiration for this article from The Atomic habits Book by James Clear.

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