Missing humanity

In this world where a person doesn’t aware of who is living in his neighbourhood and has more than “300” friends on facebook just to show off “how connected I am”,

Where people prefer 6 inches glowing screens in their hand rather than understanding person sitting next to him,

Humanity is getting ignored bit-by-bit. The trait that made us unique is now missing from the mass. And we’re good at blaming technology and globalisation for that but the truth is to blame our culture, the people whom we spend more time with are having this sort of behaviour.

We’ve forgotten to use curiosity and empathy to know what’s happening out there and spending more time into our heads.

We’ve forgotten to use pen and paper to ask hard questions to our inner self and watching more of motivational video to give us a kick and then again back to normal.

Our thinking capability and attention span are even less than a goldfish (~8-second attention span) making us less patient and still, we believe that we have any humanity left within us.

We are living in an era where a digital connection is preferred over a long-lasting relationship, money is preferred over meaning, emoji is preferred over empathy.

That’s why the world is producing a few great leaders...innovators and change-makers as rest of the people are busy looking for a shortcut.

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