Marketing during coronavirus

If you’re running a business no matter B2B or B2C, you must be affected by this coronavirus hit. Of course, you might not face any major loss but your sales numbers will be well impacted and all your yearly revenue goals look far away from what the reality is today. Ok. My whole point is not to scare you and repeat all those stuff that you already are hearing on every other media channel but to help you on how you can do marketing in this crisis. But first, let’s understand how your customer and client are thinking right now. I’m sure you’ll be a champion at this because you know your customer more than me. Agreed. However, I'm interested in telling you how the human mind is working right now. After all, your customer/client is also a human. In this current scenario, people are fearful and in survival mode. Means, the lizard brain a.k.a our reptilian brain is now pretty much active within every brain which is responsible for taking care of our survival. Due to which people are interested in purchasing basic needs and storing them because they’re not aware of what's gonna happen in the future. There's uncertainty and that uncertainty leads to fear. So, your audience is not ready to buy anything that is not important and necessary for their survival. That’s why we’re seeing toilet paper, basic food, napkins, masks getting out of stock. Plus, I can see some unethical use of the people's fears by tapping into their survival brain, selling them all these basic items at a triple price on various e-commerce platforms like eBay. Instead, today, the business, the marketers, who will think long term to build real relationships with their customers, who reach out to their previous client base, communicate them, help them serve them, provide value to them, all ethically will play an infinite game and will get out of this crisis stronger and powerful. So, without further ado below are some of the marketing tactics you can implement in this quarantine:

  1. Online zoom summit/meeting/brainstorming- Yeah, it sounds pretty common but will have a major impact on your business. Because people are not buying any product but they’re giving away their attention and time to the media. So, they want to communicate with others, spend time listening/watching to new ideas, opportunities and joining virtual communities in order to keep themselves busy. By organizing a zoom meetup for your already audience, customers and clients will enhance your relationship with them and you can also help their business grow with your expertise.

  2. Start investing in online social media platforms- Now, you might say me “silly” or “novice” but the thing is majority businesses are cutting back themselves their ads from facebook and instagram thinking that it’s not a right time to advertise. However, you have heard Mr. Buffett's famous quote “Be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful”. Your competition is cutting out and it’s easier plus faster to get results. if you have money to spend and skills to back that money, it’s the best time to double down your profits by being active on social media running campaigns and posting frequently because that’s where the real attention of people is.

One of the best platforms to run ads: News sites (they have more eyeballs ever). In the end, Avoid exploiting the situation by being selfish and short-sighted. And try to get into your customer's heads to serve them better. Plus, Feel free to implement these ideas and let me know if it’s working well for you. Stay safe and Stay home :)

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