Marketing after sales

From past 3 months, I’ve met many business owners and startups founders at different networking session and they all want their marketing to do this one thing- “To increase their reach from x to 5x”.

Nothing wrong with that, but my next question to them was “Are your existing customers are satisfied and happy with your service/product?”. Some answered “Hell yeah”, others don’t sure about this.

We’ve been hardwired to think that marketing is all about reaching the new, finding the right people. True but that’s one aspect we all see.

Marketing don’t stop when you got the desired sales or customers. The work of marketing increases at the time to serve those small group of people that have shown faith in your promise and they want your product/service to make their life better.

The work then of marketing is to make a long-term connection with your audience so they can be delighted and attach a meaning to your value offering.

If that’s not there…then you might not expect that customer to spread your word.

Consider American airlines company Jetblue, which is the best example of remarkable marketing.

On of their passenger casually mentioned in a tweet about how he wouldn’t have enough time to grab a Starbucks coffee because he had to board the flight. The social media team of Jetblue noticed his tweet and immediately shared it to Jetblue airport customer service.

The team immediately, grab the coffee from Starbucks before the flight takes off and handed the coffee as the man took seats.

Now, I’m sure that man after his journey will share his experience with his friends, family, colleagues, after all, no airlines had done that before.

The Jetblue airline could have thought that why should we put so much effort for just one traveller, but their generous act showed how they cared about their customer even after they boarded the flight.

Nevertheless, marketing never ends when a person buys your products. Of course most business thinks like that. However, going a one step beyond other businesses for creating a difference in your customer life makes you stand out.

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