Redefining the term “Brand”

When you’ll google the meaning of the “brand”,

here’s what you get in the first place:

Now, this is true not from today, but the 19th century when apple just started,

when Hewlett Packard was at the top of their game.

I’m not fond of reading history but going through my google feed I noticed a BBC article from 2015 which says that

the word brand has two contradictory meanings - sometimes denoting identity and reputation, and sometimes a mark of shame.

And in today's business world where companies are ready to out-perform their competition so that they can enjoy as a “Leading Industry expert”,

the word Brand plays an important role (according to me).

Let me clear- I’m not a Branding “Gooroo” nor I’m a marketing consultant.

I’m a brand storyteller who likes to read, write and work with startups to simplify their brand message.

So, the definition I’m gonna tell you are my thoughts on what branding is about.

A brand is not only a logo.

A brand is not only a catchy-tagline.

A brand is not who is leading the industry or have a huge market base.

A brand is a relationship with your customers. A brand is a good feeling that your customer gets when they buy from you.

A brand is a connected community of like-minded people. It’s how your customer communicates and connect at an emotional level.

Let’s take the example of premium bikers club, Harley-Davidson.

Harley is not another motorbike company.

It’s a symbol of freedom and power.

Their motive is to unite all the bikers from diverse backgrounds regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity filled with passion to adventure, who want to stand out from the crowd.

They’re having a story that resonated with their customers.

This reveals a brand is also a story connecting people.

Here’s another one.

The New-york city-based By the way bakery serves gluten-free dairy-free baked products. The bakery bills itself as “an old-fashioned bakery where everything is made by hand”.

There packaging is also brown. No eye-catch colours used. It’s simple.

If you surf her website you’ll encounter a video showing the story of “how they started”.

In the video, Founder of btwbakery, Helena Godin reads out an email from her one of her consumer (You can see the video),

that she laminated and hang in their kitchen because she wants her employees to know the work they are doing matters.

However, this tell’s the brand is not only for the customer, but a brand also inspires the whole team of employees to work towards one mission. one goal.

Just spend one hour on the web and you’ll figure out some awesome brands.

In this 22nd century,

not every organization is a brand.

The word brand is not limited to these 5 letter word, it’ the loyalty empowering staff to be fully present in a moment, Empowering people to connect.

Thanks for reading!

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