"It's your fault, not theirs"

If you’re giving a speech and the audience is busy with their phones, not interested in listening to you, it’s your fault. Not theirs.

If your sales team is not performing well in the market, not able to get desired results, it’s your fault. Not theirs.

If you’ve made a great product that is worth buying and still your prospects are hiding behind excuses for not buying it, it’s your fault. Not theirs.

It’s easy to blame our friends, customers, the audience for not doing what you want. To not taking action that you want them to take. 

And we try to justify that “we were good, but they aren’t interested” not only in business and marketing but also in a relationship. Unfortunately, we’re losing an opportunity to makes things better.

What if...we change our belief to “it’s my fault” when something doesn’t work in our life?

Answer: By thinking “It’s my fault” you’re giving a chance to improve our product, to improve our speeches, to improve your relationships, to improve our sales team...an opportunity to grow yourself and the work you do.

And when we do this...we make an impact on others.

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