In the year 2008, Tina Roth Eisenberg started a creative community to connect like-minded people over breakfast, one Friday a month. Everything was free of cost.

But who knows that this small Friday community in NYC will spread in different cities around the world to celebrate the creative talents of people and gather them under one roof, with the name Creativemornings.

Roth wants to create a friendly and accessible environment for people to meet. Yes, she can wait for someone else to do so but she decided to take the initiative to connect the disconnected ones.

It’s easy to sit back and wait for someone to give us the responsibility to start a new thing. That’s how the majority thinks.

And if a person from nowhere shows the bravery to initiate that thing, we say “hey, that was my idea :( ”.

Fortunately, in today’s world, an internet connection and a desktop is more than enough to begin the next big thing. It can be a blog or to launch your own online course or just start-off a facebook community, anything you believe is missing.

People want you to kick-off things. Go and take the initiative.

Happy new year :)

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