I don't know

“Will this course works for me?”

“Who will be winning the next U.S Presidential elections?”

“Where you’ll be in the next 5 years?”

The common answer we get: I don’t know!

Because yes, we actually don’t know what gonna happen next. We don’t know whether your product will be a disaster or the next big thing. We don't know whether our next speech will make a difference in someone’s life.

Each one of us has a fear of the unknown from our childhood. We want everything to go right not wrong. Even our school system praises us on giving only the right answers in the exams.

Similar scenario happening nowadays. We all have some brilliant ideas to work upon, but we never take action. We can’t handle the fear of uncertainty that can prove us wrong. We are more data-driven.

However, data is merely based upon facts and statistics and the previous information available for something.

If data was everything, then

Mac computers should never have existed.

Hilary Clinton should be elected as U.S president (as shown by opinion polls).

The idea of Paypal never flies off the paper.

We can’t ignore human instincts. Data can measure behaviour and pattern but it can never measure what’s going on someone’s heart.

We have to embrace this three-letter word: I don’t know then only we will be able to explore and discover something that can be eye-opening for us and for this world.

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