“I didn’t liked your pic”

“That’s fine. Thanks for letting me know!”

This can be the best response you can give to someone who didn't like your work.

Let’s be honest for a second. You will be having critics in your life. (Me too). The once who

are always looking to find “what went wrong” in the work you’ve done.

And guess what?

When someone says those lines, we get angry, jealous and want to show the other person how good we were. We get into a fight with critics, which is the worst decision you can take.

It’s their opinion. And we should respect that. Our work is not for everyone.

Alternatively, we can convert that criticism into an opportunity to improve ourselves and work.

By questioning the critic “Hey, can you be specific about the things you didn’t like?”

That might opens the doors to make our work better.

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