Human way to follow up someone

I know one day or the other you must have followed up your prospective client, our friend, your office colleague...reminding him/her about the previous conversation or email you sent.

Of course, it’s your duty to remind another person about the deal or work you need from him/her but due to our sales mindset we tend to forget that another person is also a human.

Yes, have seen this happening with myself when I used to work as a cold salesperson in a travel startup and after a day or two at the time of the follow-up, I used to have some fixed template which sounds pushier and sounds robotic.

Because I learned it from salespeople who used to follow up like this only. Sometimes it was a good response from another end, otherwise, it turns to be my last conversion with them.

Now, after so much test, trial and error I understood the fact that following up is not just being selfish about yourself. It’s a human thing.

We need to understand the life of the person who might have problems at her home...who may be busy in attending meetings, entangled with his/her own affairs. So, it’s easy for them to skip our email or message. We should be ok with it.

Instead, we follow-up them with some fixed template that sounds like a robot, we can just be brief, crisp and to the point, reminding them about the last conversation happened.

You can just write: “Hey, did you got any chance to think about our previous conversation? Any further questions you need me to address?”


“Just wanted to bring this up to the top of your inbox!”

That’s it. It sounds more like a human. Just by leaving them with a question will make them review the previous message sent by you. No matter what the response is, by following up like this will allow you to make a human connection with the other person without being a pest.

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