How to win the day...

...Without working your ass-off...without sacrificing your fav t.v show...without waking up 4 in the morning and without applying scary productivity hacks.

Also, You don’t need to juggle around by downloading any peak productivity app. That’s completely B.S.Intead, there’s another way around. That is simple enough to act on a daily basis to crank your productivity to the next level.

With comes byproduct of happiness and a feeling of winning the day without any regret.

But before you need to have the basics right. I mean, prioritizing and planning your daily, monthly, weekly tasks by classifying them into urgent and important according to you.

Just ask yourself what matters to you most? What’s important and meaningful for you? Spending time with your friends and family or going out for a community meeting?

Trust me, most people don’t even know which things matter to them today.

After you do this...the next step is to write your ideal day on paper. Imagine the day when you’re super efficient, managing your time well, doing all the productive stuff that adds value to your life, the work environment around you, identify all the behaviour of yours, how you felt that day, anything and everything that comes to your mind.

Don’t dive deep enough. You just need to be crystal clear about what your ideal “good” day looks like. Now, let’s come to the important step. Which is the core part of max. Productivity. The time-tracking (thunder and lightning sound…)

Throughout your workday, keep a pen and a notepad with you, set the alarm off every hour in the clock app inside your smartphone and after every hour when alarm rings, note down the task you were actually performing that hour.

If you have not understood, please go through it again. This small activity will decide whether you’ll kill your day or win your day. Because, it’s normal to be distracted by any social media app or on a long phone call with your buddy, after all, we’re human.

By tracking your time every hour you’ll get a good idea of your time wasters and time utilizers in your workday.

Eventually, at the end of the day, you can easily measure your progress throughout the day without using any special app or software. It’s a practical and simple solution to make your normal day your best day.

Remember, for winning the day, you only need to invest your time, energy and attention on actions that matter to you.

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