"Hey, from where you got this?” 

A couple of days back, I visited my nearest Skechers outlet with my brother (the Skechers fan-boy) as he wanted to buy a pair of their latest ultra-walking shoes.

This was the very first time I actually walked in at any Skechers outlet for shopping. When my brother was busy in choosing the right pair, in the meanwhile, I was having a tour of their outlet, looking around in search of a marketing lesson.

And there it was! A Gum-ball machine at the left corner of the store.

Now, a gumball machine at a shoe store surprised me. I asked the sales-boy standing beside the machine “Why you have this machine installed?” Because most of the customers present there were adults. I can hardly see any kids around.

As expected, the boy said: “This machine is installed at every Skechers store, that’s why…for brand-awareness”.

But, there’s something more than just awareness.

I googled about Skechers, get deeper into their audience personas, their prices, their impact and I found something in-directly related to what I was looking for!

Skechers ideal audience is young athletes. And in India, Kids and women shoes were performing exceptionally well. That’s when it clicked in my mind.

Kids like to play with gum-balls. So, they can easily get attracted to the machine. And when they used to play with the ball in their neighbourhood, other kids might ask “Hey, from where you got this?”

And the words spread from one kid to another kid to their parents.

It's not only about giving a thing just for Free. It's about how that Free thing can help your word to spread.

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