Hard things

It’s easy to do the work that feels safe, involves less criticism. That’s what is taught us by our schools, parents and culture. “Do things that are less risky and meet specs”.

On the other hand, we talk about stuff like “changing a world”, “making a difference” and “impacting someone”. Sorry but it ain’t gonna happen until we are doing things that are done by the MOST.

The problem with the MOST is that they are looking for shortcuts, tips, hacks, a magic pill that gives them a safer, sure way to achieve what they want in no time. Yes, it’s possible but for a short period.

Alternatively, a few people invest in trying things that “might not” work. The work that seems hard enough to give it a shot but not impossible to do. Things that might fail but worth giving a try. That’s why these people are always in a minority.

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