Goals, anxiety and progress

“My project deadline is in a couple of days and it seems impossible for me to complete my tasks on time.”

From managing projects to preparing for the exams, we often face such situations when we the goals we try to achieve seems impossible.

And not only that, Majority of the time, we get better at procrastinating the serious work when that next deadline or exam is approaching. Our focus gets waved off from the work we need to do towards the goal we need to accomplish.

In such situations, we feel more stressed and anxious, distracting us from the real progress we need to make. Sometimes, focusing on the end damages our effectiveness to do the work, to take that next steps. This fills our mind with fear.

Alternatively, it’s better to align our focus from the goal to “NOW”. Yeah, I know this is not the first time you’re listening to this advice, but honestly, we forget this simple idea at the time, especially when we’re concentrating on big targets.

Using goals as a compass to show the right direction so we can measure our progress towards it is a smart move.

But, constantly concentrating on the objectives will make our decisions affected by the feeling of anxiety and fear that pushes us to act emotionally more and logically less.

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