Giving back

We, Human has a common deep-rooted need within give back something to society. No matter which background we belong to, we feel fulfilled our efforts and work brings a smile on the other person’s face.

Similar is the case with brands. In this age where almost all companies only care about completing financial goals and lead generations,

A handful number of brands like conscious step, which design useful socks that supports a social cause, spreading awareness about the problems faced by the world today. This act of generosity makes them stand out in a noisy world where cheap tricks are being played to attract a new customer.

Humans love to buy from a brand who genuinely moving forward in playing an important part in solving world problems.

Sure, some try to use this as a tactic for getting noticed by investors and people but they end up losing because the act of giving back can’t be faked…after all, they lack love and passion that comes from a strong conviction of making a contribution.

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