Generate more bad ideas

An artist comes up with a lot of bad ideas before he creates a masterpiece that makes him popular.

Similarly is the case, Apple showed up late to the market of smartwatches when their competitor, Samsung was already riding a high wave in this segment.

Still, Apple comes up with a bad idea to launch Apple watch at that time, later turned into a good one.

We always complaints about not having “Good ideas” or an idea that impacts or make a difference in our lives or within society.

And we’re waiting for a bright moment when thunder from heavens strikes the earth and an astonishing, world-changing idea clicked into our brain that makes us an overnight success.

But that’s an excuse. And obviously, not gonna happen.

The secret is to come up with more bad ideas and turn them into reality. If you get good at this, the good ideas will take care of themselves.

That’s how Leonardo da Vinci was able to come up with Monalisa.

And that’s how you can able to bring a change, you're hustling for, sooner or later.

“Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them”

Thanks, Seth for the inspiration.

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