From where does marketing starts?

Marketing is not only about running Facebook ads...getting the attention of the masses to pay you what you’ve made. Alas, businesses think like this only, they made a product first and then try to match the product with the market out there.

Surprisingly, It doesn’t work like that.

Micheal Dublin completely understood the actual problems which men faced when they go out for buying a razor that cost’s too much by offering them a solution in the form of affordable, good quality razors that are delivered at their door step. That’s how one of the dominant men’s lifestyle brand Dollar shave club had born.

If Micheal first created a product that is not needed by the people then DSC would not be so popular today. Rather he started from the people problem and wants which had become his future customers.

The marketing starts not after the product is created, it starts even before creating something. Or in other words, marketing starts from the people who you want to serve.

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