...for the bigger cause

When four notebooks are sold, ITC classmate donates Re.1 for the education of poor and needy people.

TOMS shoes donate a pair of shoes for every pair they sell to children growing up without shoes. They call it one for one.

If you’re a birth mother working in Airbnb or Netflix, you’ll get 22 weeks and 52 weeks parental leave at full pay for taking care of your baby. Even Google and Amazon does something similar to this.

Running a brand like them is not only about making big money or leaving the competition behind. But it’s also about social responsibility. The care for others.

When you buy four classmates notebooks, you’re actually buying a pencil to a poor kid. If you’re driving a Tesla, you’re saving the environment.

These brands stand against something...for a bigger cause and they invite all of us to contribute our part as well. While purchasing their product, we’re making this world a better place to live.

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