Find your first ten and provide them with your remarkable art!

For a moment, before getting deep into this idea, pay a close attention on these two little case studies i am sharing with you!

In Las Vegas, a little great company named Penguin Magic sells magic tricks to amateur magicians.

Professional magicians not need magic tricks (obviously, they are experienced) but beginner magicians needs lot of tricks…every time.

Here’s another one!

And this one resonates more with Delhi-ites (and NCR bro’s )

I’m talking about one of the most popular stand-up comedy clubs, The Canvas Laugh Club.

It connects both stand-up comedians having amazing talents (from newbies to professional) and audience who wants to enjoy an evening full of smiles and laughter.


If you closely observe,

In the first case study about Penguin Magics, they only serve a small audience…too small audience.

For example, If there are 10 newbie magicians in their town, they are the real-audience for Penguin Magic. And for a newbie magicians, it’s necessary to come up some new tricks for their fans. Every month.

So, they again reach out Penguin magic for buying some new cool tricks.

What is happening here is,

The magic trick company is serving only a small audience every time. This is all their business.

The thing to learn from them is,

that if an artist…and by artist i mean…a brand, a company, a writer, a coder, a painter, an NGO, a musician, a you-tuber any one who has created something (service/product) that impacts someone’s life.

So, if an artist is creating a piece of art, then, instead of broadcasting his/her work to everyone,

he/she,first, finds 10 people who are ready to see his/her art, listens to them, like their work they have done.

Only 10 People. That’s it. In the Beginning.

A rookie mistake that i was doing and now, see people are doing is they are promoting their work to everyone. Even if that person is not interested is listening to you,

With a hope that someone will share my work.

But, the thing is, they are not investing their time on searching for people who likes their art-

work. And want’s more of your work.

Now, the lesson from the other case study.

if we don’t know, canvas laugh club was not an overnight success.

It was a huge failure when it’s launched.

But, a small thing they have done good then, get them to grow from zero to hero stage.

When they started doing live comedy show, only a few audience shows-up.

Their concept was not so unique but their shows was beyond the mark. People who shows up one time was really impressed and satisfied that motivates them to share their work.

To tell their friends, family, office colleagues about their art, make them noticed on the world platform.

Two-Important lessons for the artist here.

Make your art so…so…so remarkable that makes your first 10 audience to share your art with their inner circle.

If, canvas laugh club’s concept was not unique, its product was not up to the mark, then they may loose their first 10 also

And today, i was not writing about them.

But, going against all the odds they have successfully found their audience that is always there to buy their art.

So, Conclusion time,

If you’re an coder,

a public speaker,

a writer,

a painter,

a cartoonist,

a startup,

or creating any artistic work,

Remember these three things:

--> Find your First 10 Fans/customers/Members that care for your art.

-->Create a remarkable art for them.Provide value.

--> Every time to those 10 people with your art, that excites them to talk about your work with others.

And if, by any case, you’re not able to find those 10,

then it clearly means either you have not searched for them at right places or

your art/product is not so remarkable and valuable.

Thanks for reading.

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