Feeling Overwhelmed is good

Yeah, especially when we talk about growth and improvement in our personal life or business.

The modern world is spreading the word about Stress, tension, anxiety and all these related emotions, but only a few or no-one is interested in teaching the truth...the reality.

I.e These emotions are part of our system. It’s not in our hands. These emotions trigger randomly whenever you’re trying to do something that is hard, unknown and out of your comfort zone. Always.

Now see, if you want to grow...badly you wanna make positive improvements in your life or work...you will definitely feel these emotions. 

There’s no way, You can’t feel them.

Same is the case with overwhelmingness, you will only be overwhelmed when you want to make positive changes in your attitude or behaviour or life or anything...which involves doing things or work you’ve never done before.


By this means, overwhelming is not a bad emotion. Again, it’s not so good as well.

Too much overwhelmingness can lead to severe mental problems.

The best way to deal with is by strengthening your power and expanding your capabilities.

Because when you feel like “there’s too much work to do” or “It takes me so long to do”...chances are you have not improved your capabilities.

If you continue to fill a 50 ml container with 70 ml of water, it surely gonna overflow. Alternatively, replacing 50 ml with 100 ml container will do the trick. It can now take more and more. 

Similar is the case with your capabilities.

By expanding your capabilities on a regular basis will help you to take more of such feeling. And helps you to take action each day.

And this should be continued until you achieve greatness or even till your last breath.

However, when you stop working on your capabilities, overwhelming can destroy you from the inside.

So, Yes, start living with overwhelmingness if you really want to be a warrior and grow yourself (or your work/business)

When everything is going smooth in your life, work and business then it means you’re not growing.

Take massive action. Solve problems. Take pain. Let the negative feelings come in. 

Remember, “Diamond is formed under extreme pressure.”

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