Features isn’t enough

512 MB storage with lithium polymer batteries and Two ARM 7TDMI-derived CPU's running at 90 MHz

That was the features of the first classic Apple iPod launched back in 2001 Does that interest you to buy one? Even if the features were phenomenal and of next-generation, but who cares? I bet if you’re not from an engineering background, you may not understand words like “ARM” and “TDMI”, after all, who cares?

Sill, I see marketers using features to show “how x product is worth paying for”. And some smart marketers out of the list back the features with benefits that are of no use. Of course, telling benefits + features can increase the worth of products but that’s not the important thing people should buy your offering.

Great marketers focus more on telling a story “how this product can make you a better version of yourself”. Steve Jobs told the story of having 1000 songs in your pocket changed so people would travel with their music.

Linkedin enables business owners more connected with each other.

Ola enables people to save more time and make them productive without sacrificing convenience.

Humans care less about features and benefits and more about being a better version of themselves.

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