Experience is the key

Have you ever seen a flight attendant rapping pre-flight instructions?

Or Any flight attendant recognizing the artistic effort of a young passenger with the flight?

Trust me, I also have not seen it but there’s an airline who is actually doing this kinda creative stuff! It’s not jet blue or air India or even emirates, the airline I’m talking about here is Southwest airline.

Now, see, In America, there's already a lot of competition in the airline industry without a doubt. So, the airlines are trying to capture the market by offering low-cost ticket and special discounts and

Southwest airlines do the same. It’s the cheapest airline when it comes flying within America compared to other big players. However, bring the cheapest doesn't mean, your brand is different from others for a long time.

With the advancement of technology and available resources, within no time another brand can beat your prices pretty easily. So, how does Southwest Airlines differentiate its brand from other airlines?

Simple. They choose to experience as the heart of their marketing strategy. And in their case, they started by hiring “smart” employees...after all a bad employee can ruin the customer experience within seconds.

By hiring “smart” employees doesn’t mean that they should be highly skilled or genius in his/her work. Instead, the airlines follow a mantra of “attitude over skills” because skills can be learned over time, but not having a serving attitude is a big disadvantage.

Secondly, by providing a “wow” experience within flights is the key difference between southwest and it’s competitors. Flight attendants find creative ways to entertain passengers, stepping up to a passenger who needs help with JOY and singing a birthday song for passengers in front of the whole flight, inspires the passengers to spread their word in their network.

Key takeaways for you…

I’m not a hiring expert but from what I learned from southwest airlines is that the employee attitude matters more than their skills.

And by doing something innovative when it comes customer service will make your customer remember you. Let's say if you’re a tech company then, writing a killer “welcome” email maybe can do the trick or if you’re in a service business, sending a handwritten letter to your client will make you stand out.

There are numerous ways to make your customer experience amazing but the thing is to go the extra mile to see a shiny smile on the face of your customer.

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