everything tends towards disorder

Take a pause and ponder on this, people gradually age, mountains tend to erode, the car standing outside your home will rust, the room you’re sitting in will become dirty, the complex skills learn will be forgotten, your co-workers will make mistakes, weeds overtake gardens...all in all, live always become less-structured and less-organized. And it’s no me saying this, it’s science. “Everything tends towards disorder” states the second law of thermodynamics. In other words: The entropy of a closed system will gradually increase. And entropy is a measure of disorder. That’s why in our daily lives, things are decaying, becoming orderless and complex. There are fewer patterns available for keeping things organized and structured whereas a large number of possibility exists for uncertainty and disorders. However, to keep things at its place, we need to expend energy and effort not once or twice but consistently and frequently. Then only we can become effective and efficient over time. Disorder-ness will keep increasing in every area of your life no matter what, the better strategy is to consistently invest your energy, effort plus time on those systems that are worth improving and changing.

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