Don’t read but use books

I have seen people saying this quote:

“Reading is leading”

“Successful people read 100 books a year”

“Read a lot of books if you want to be successful”

And I bet, someone from your friend or family must have used these in-famous quotes to motivate you or the other person for reading more books.

Nowadays, this topic is hype. It’s trending. where-ever you see.

On youtube, you can easily find videos on “how to do speed reading” and also Google

interested in showing blogs like “How to read 52 books a year”, all thanks to SEO.

Honestly, I was the type of guy who used to go through all of these content. Only because I can absorb more information and increase my intelligence.

Over the past few months, as my understanding develops, I ditch the idea of reading more books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still an avid reader with a Loooooong book wait-list, but I starting using them instead of merely reading them.

Let me tell you my perspective on reading and using books. And feel free to reply back your thoughts on the same.

First thing first, a book contains only information with a set of stories, facts, figures, learning and data. Similarly, there’s a lot of information sitting on the internet. It’s not knowledge.

You have to convert that information into knowledge.

People mix these terms. Even I used to.

When we’re reading a very informative book, we think that “I’m becoming smart”, however, in reality, it’s a pleasure of taking more and more information that will not help you in making your life better.

Gathering useful information from a book, storing into our memory applying not your daily life and sharing with others will add to your knowledge. And seeing the results afterwards, learning from them, will help you gain experience.

When you convert the information into knowledge and knowledge into experience, then you would actually not just reading but using a book for changing your life.

Plus, a golden tip for you.

Instead of highlighting too many information from a book, try to get one key idea that you can turn it into knowledge and knowledge into experience. Immediately.

If you are like people who highlight a lot and promise to take action steps after a month or so. You never gonna make use of a book.

So, get one idea or if you need more ideas then three is also a good number to start with and implement what you learn into your life or business or work immediately.

In the end, I would like to conclude by a quote from high ticket millionaire entrepreneur Dan Lok that says:

“ If you read hundreds of books but your life is the same, then all that information hasn’t benefited you at all ”

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