Customer needs love

Wait…What’s the point of using the word “Love”...when you’re in business. Ultimately, the only point of business is to create a product, market it like hell and sell it like crazy to the customers! Right?

To some extent, YES, but when seen from a different lens, your business is more than just attracting customers and giving them a product in exchange for money. That’s the tangible part.

The other way around is to build a business that creates such products that people not only buy but fall in love with.

Just consider brands like Apple and Nike. These brands not only make smartphones and running shoes. Instead, they both created a meaningful relationship and deeper connection with their customers with their ideologies and customer experience.

As a consumer, we’re not interested in buying something that is merely a commodity. We’re not ready to pay bucks to businesses that don't resonate with us.

We’re looking for a brand that can cater to us with awesome customer experience. We crave for the product that drives a positive change in our lives.

We’re ready to go on a journey with a brand that understands us, cares for us, values us and loves us.

No matter what you create or build, whether a painting or the next big technology, try to make something that people love. And if you fail...don’t stop. Start again.

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