Changing the worldview

The one thing that can be commonly found in human beings is their worldview. Every human, irrespective of gender, caste and background have their own narrative of how they see things.

Let’s call it their personal world. What most marketers are doing is, they are trying to change people’s worldview. Now, no human wants to change.

If you’re a hard-core fan of Barcelona FC, it will be really difficult for me to convince you to support real Madrid. Maybe I can be successful in doing so but not within the short time span. I need to maximize my efforts for that.

Alternatively, finding people who match our worldview will be a smart move. Not for the selfish reason, but with a solution to their solve and value to provide. That’s why you hardly see any advertisement for Harley, Ferrari and Tesla.

The Worst-case can be the people who match your worldview doesn’t exist.

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