[Case study]: Sunglasses with a twist

While sitting in his backyard, popular T.V personality jimmy Fallon thought of an unusual idea to have a ball bearing on the arm of his sunglasses so that the glass can make a 360-degree rotation just like a fidget spinner, and he can just play with it while doing nothing or thinking about something, similar to a toy.

So, Jimmy reached out Warby parker, a U.S based eyewear company with his surprising idea and after a month or so, he got a reply from the founders, Neil and David, to collaborate with jimmy to make his dream into a reality.

And finally, on December 6th, Jimmy Fallon released sunglasses with a twist named Spinnies on his The Tonight Show with a limited edition available.

And also announced, that 100% of each spinnies purchase would be donated to the pupil's project that provides free vision screening, eye exams and glasses to school children's in the U.S.

Within hours, all the spinnies were sold out, completely. Warby Parker official website was also down due to overwhelming response.

Now, who can ever imagine that a sunglasses only having a simple feature of 360 rotation (not so logical benefit, honestly) would be able to do so good in the market!

I respect this product and idea, but I personally, never gonna buy something like this unless it becomes a norm. However, the reality is...people have bought it. And we can’t deny that.

So, I was thinking of the reasons that drove the success of this surprising idea.

#1: Innovation. Yeah..there’s a group of people in every market who loves to use “first-in-the-market” gadgets.

#2: Brand story. This can be a core reason because there’s an amazing story attached to this product that connects the audience and helps them understand “why this idea should exist?”.

#3: Generosity. Donating 100% of the profit for the pupil project was a superb initiative. As a human, we want to make a contribution to our society and what would be a better thing...if we make a purchase and make a contribution with the same money. That shows the generous, caring side of being human.

The key thing we can learn here is,

Not every time you need a million-dollar idea for creating something worth talking about. Sometimes, ideas are flying around us only...just we need clear sunglasses to notice them.

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