Brainstorming Session

If you’re the person who often initiates meeting then you might end with a lot of ideas but failed to act on even one.

That’s what most managers are doing. They conduct a meeting, named it as the brainstorming session, where team members express their opinions of what they have done, what they’re up to( and even criticize others ideas as well) ending up with a conclusion that’s nowhere.

Sad but true.

The real brainstorming is all not about having expressing’s about having one clear problem in which all team members gather around to find the solution of that problem with clear action steps.

You don’t need any special meeting room or a big room with a projector for conducting a brainstorming session. Comfort is the key here. The more you are comfortable, the more your creative energy will be high.

A successful brainstorming session involves:

  • Specific problem/topic

  • Intense questioning (this is important)

  • Less evaluation

  • Ideas in action

Gather your friends or team members, pick the problem worth brainstorming, no matter big or small and find a solution you can act upon.

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