"Bonus” not always works

Yesterday, I was out with my friends to have Christmas dinner at the nearest restaurant, opened last month itself. Now, every month at least once we try out a new restaurant so that we never out of choices when we really hungry for “great food.”

As expected, the food was not so good, compared to their worth. But as we about to order the bill, the manager was smart enough to know that our experience was not five stars so he asked the waiter to give us a complimentary sweet dish to delight us.

However, that bonus dish was not enough to change our opinion and experience. And in future, we might not think off having dinner there.

Most brands out there, try to bait us with a lot of bonus stuff with a hope to enhance their offer and to convince people about the real worth of the product. Unfortunately, this not always works.

First, if from next time those people don’t get a bonus, they might not return to buy from them again.

Second, and the important reason, the bonus storm may not give them loyal customers who actually fall in love with their food or product. In the long term, that can hurt them.

If that restaurant manager has invested more time in understanding customer experience and less time on creating complementary dishes then the story might be different today.

Successful brands are focused on delighting their customer by telling them a different story even before they try their product/services.

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