“Better” is better than “perfect”

If Apple announces its iPhone 5s as their perfect smartphone ever made then people should not be interested in buying the iPhone 6. 

Perfect kills the possibility to make things better. Perfect isn’t interesting. Perfect is static.

Yes, you must always try to do a few things perfectly. Especially when you’re a Pilot, Driver or a civil engineer. Because the lives of people are dependent on the things you make.

But, most of us are not pilots. For us, achieving perfectionism means the end of growth.

Alternatively, we can become better at what we do. Better gives us the chance to improve our work. Better makes a change in culture. Better keeps the ball in motion. Yet, some of us are waiting for being perfect at the right moment to do the right things. 

It ain’t gonna happen. Unless you decide to start off and make it better with time.  

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