#AskHarkirat: What's the secret of my consistency?

I often get this question whenever I meet anyone from my email community or someone who’s reading/watching my ideas from a long-time.

So, again, I’ve asked this question from one of my subscribers and well, here I'm today to answer this not only to him but also to you so that it can make you see consistency from a different perspective.

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And now let’s get back to today’s question.

In my school days, I wasn’t even close to the level of consistency when it comes to doing homework every day or participating in extra-curricular activities. That same habit of “not-to-stay-consistent” bothers me in my first two years of college.

Where again I hop on to different things without even completing the last one. I know this is not the case with me but you also at some point in time. We’re filled with enthusiasm to start a new project, a longer one, with giving 100% in the first few days.

As days progressed, the level of our energy and enthu starts decreasing like this:

And we’ll roll back to our normal routine that was before the project. The same kind of thing happened with me when I begin a special email series in August 2018.

That was this first time I have subscribed 6-7 people to listen to my ideas via email. The email series was focused on “How to learn sketchnoting” and I know you’ll be curious to know what sketchnoting is? (I’ll touch this topic in upcoming weeks)

The luck was not with me and I left the email newsletter in between, not completing the concept I wanted to share.

However, in December 2018, I give another try...this time for starting a proper email community named “Ideas that really matter”.

Yes, yes, I’m talking about these blogs only that I write for you every day.

And see, it’s been more than 10 months I am sending out useful information to you and my other subscribers every week (now every day) without resistance.

How does this happen?

Is there’s any magic pill I take each week before sending out my ideas?


It’s LOVE and CARE.

Wait...Let me explain you in a better manner.

Till last year, I used to write blogs occasionally, 2-3 times a month. That’s it. But, in order to send out my ideas to my email community, twice a week, I had to work extra hard.

So, from Feb’19 onwards I Jumped to write 6-7 blogs every month. And as the month passed on, I’ve been obsessed to share my ideas through different channels. I feel in love with writing and marketing.

So, here I'm today, writing a blog every day. Without much hassle or pushing myself or even without any writer's block.

Because I've understood the fact that:

“Love and care leads to consistency”

Look how easy this concept is.

If you love something, your mind will automatically block some time to complete it. If you love your spouse, you don't have to read some consistency book to spend time with her, instead, your mind will take care of it, without even bothering you.

If you love your work at the office, you don't need to watch any motivational video to win the day at work. It will happen with easy, automatically.

Because when our heart CARES for something so hard, then our mind has to accept that order to make it a reality.

Same goes with things you don’t love. That’s why you're not consistent in them. As it’s not coming from your inside.

The key takeaway is to develop a loving-relationship with anything, that you want to be consistent in.

It can be work. It can be a hobby or any sport you like or going to the gym for making health better.

Yes, there are other numerous and harder ways of staying consistent. But the deeper reason for all those should be love and care.

Thanks for reading!

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