Ask what not why

Let me ask you a quick question:

“Why are you reading this blog?”

Maybe you’ll tell me a story about things you’re wondering right now. Or you'll provide some detail or information or anything to with your past.

But what will be your response, If I ask you:

“What outcome do you expect after reading this blog?”

This time, your response will be more specific and future-oriented such as “to learn something new” or “to improve your personality” ...anything that pushes you to look forward not backward.

Asking “why” questions force us to think of information that gives us the answers that explain our past in the best way. It’s like that we’re digging deep into our brain to find information in order to understand our current situation.

Although, asking “why” can lead us to discover something brilliant. But most of the time, When we’re trying to solve a problem by asking “why” question, we often struggle to come up with specific solutions that can move us towards a better future. Our brain provides us with a solution according to patterns that have already been developed because of our past behaviour and experience. Also, the brain due to its lazy nature just presents a convenient answer.

However, Why question can be useful when you’re trying to understand the events happening in our environment. Especially, business problems, product problems, clients problems or any other organizational problem you need to solve.

if you want to understand yourself better there’s a better alternative. Asking “what” questions.

Yes, when we replace why with what questions, our brain now looks for much specific, detailed responses to get us moving towards the future. This helps us to see new opportunities and possibilities for finding a better solution to our problems.

What questions unstuck us from our limitations and helps us to understand our full potential. Let’s say “you’re feeling tired and lazy after your workday”, so instead of asking why you're feeling this way you must ask What are you feeling right now? Within minutes, you'll realize that you skipped your lunch today due to some important work. In reality, you’re feeling hungry, not tired.

See, just by reframing the why to what helped us to put a name on our emotions in order to recognize them well rather keeping it aside.

Key takeaway

Our brain is like google, filled with a lot of information, but all of that information is useless if we don’t get helpful insights for creating a better future for ourselves.

So, the best way to be more specific when you’re trying to solve a problem. Just as in google, where the more specific the keywords, the more efficient responses it shows.

Asking what question will help you to change your life for the better. It will help you stay focused on solutions rather than getting trapped in the problem.

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