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We’re easily caught up doing things that make us fat cash for our bank accounts and making our boss happy for the next promotion. Right?

But what about the goals...or I say...the bigger goals...bigger projects you noted down into your to-do list but it’s still lying on paper. The projects that might not show results within the next 1-2 years but in the long term, it makes you PROUD when you connect the dots.

These goals give your life meaning bit by bit, drip by drip, helping you create a life you always wanted to have.

From past one month, I’ve been working on a project that helps me to make meaningful

progress towards my important life goals. And I do it every day.

I call it an hour of power or a power hour. It’s a popular concept nowadays used by peak performers and athletes.

I dedicate an hour every day for working on a side-project for a bigger purpose and meaning that matters. The key here is to be consistent and showing up each day, not driven by feelings. And after completing this power hour, I feel a sense of great energy, confidence...a feeling of achievement for the whole day. Because there is no deadline or any material possessions involved in this.

So, I challenge you to make a list of such projects or tasks you always wanted to see them exist...your heart pushing you every day to do them but you procrastinate it for achieving someone else goals.

After making a list, block an hour every day, maybe in the morning or after your workday to begin the project that gives your life meaning. Try not to be PERFECT.

The thing is to make it happen rather than delaying it further waiting for the right moment.

So, make an appointment with yourself, carve out your hour of power and work on things that matter.

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