Adding the human touch to social media

When it comes to social media, the majority of businesses try to look cool by implementing common strategies of posting quotes, quick tips/hacks, Q/A session videos and all those same, repeated content to engage their audience. And the only reason they do so because it works!

Yes, it works, no doubt about it but marketing has evolved over time. Nowadays, your potential customers who're following your business social media account have more options to choose from and if they “like” or “follow” on social media, that doesn't mean they will open their wallet to give you money.

Until and unless you build a virtual relationship with them.

So, even if you don’t have a big advertisement budget, the best way to engage your audience and build a genuine relationship is by adding a pinch of human touch to your social media strategy.

Or In other words, Adding human touch with a unique value could be a killer formula for better social media engagement.

By human touch I mean, to bridge the gap between you and your audience using a strong emotional connection.

Of course, just adding a pic of your brand new office or colleagues does not make your audience fall in love with your brand, but over time and consistency, they’ll have a meaningful connection with you.

Here’s an example from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Instagram handle,

where they posted a pic of a smiling boy with KLM aeroplane flying above to celebrate their 100th birthday in the airline market. Indeed, this post was a huge hit!

Let’s see another one, this time from Airbnb:

Airbnb often post pictures similar to create trust, interest and demand for their services.

What're the common things you’ve seen in the above two examples?

First, there’s a human face in both the posts. That’s like pleasing the social media algorithm as well.

Second, both the posts add value to the other person. This is tricky because sometimes businesses think that “value” is only restricted to educate the other party or by informing them about a wholly new concept.

That’s not the case. Value through human presence can be of various forms, such as:

Knowledge, insight, entertainment, access, information.

IPL is adding value in our lives by providing entertainment through cricket. Similarly, book summary apps like Blinkist add value in our lives by sharing key insights from the books.

Again, it all boils down to what business you’re in and who is your customer.

By following this simple formula suggested by Mark Schaefer formula,

Human + value = Actionable audience

You can instantly bring a positive change in your social media strategy that speaks directly to your audience heart.

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