[Activity], Assets someone can't replicate from you...

Block 5 minutes, NOW and let’s try a simple activity that will give you an amazing insight about you (if you’re an employee) and your business (if you’re a co-founder).

So, take a blank page and think about the assets (both physical and non-physical) you have.

For example, for physical, you can write Money, stocks, property, friends, family, tools, resources etc.

Now, some non-physical assets such as Trademark, knowledge, skills, expertise, reputation etc.

Just list down the most important ones, between 5-7 and don’t try to be perfect.

It’s time, to be honest with yourself. Cross out the things that can easily be replicate or acquire by any other person.

Again, you have spoken the truth with yourself for a better outcome.

After crossing down the things, you will be left with 2-3 assets that no can replicate from

you or that is hard and takes a lot of time/energy to acquire them.

Save those assets. And invest more in them. Because these assets can make you stand out from others. In business as well as normal life.

P.S: This activity was from Bernadette Jiwa's book, Marketing a love story. :)

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