A valuable asset you must invest in...

I’m not gonna talk about tangible assets like stocks, money, gold etc. Instead, your personal valuable single asset where no one can ever replace you. That asset will be a reflection of you.

It’s can be a you-tube channel or It can be your blog or It might be your podcast or it might be you facebook community...anything but just one. That’s it.

As soon as you hear the names these different media platform you might think that I’m talking about promotion or advertisement using these platform. And that’s what most people think.


You failed to see the other side of it.

I see these media platforms as an opportunity to spread your ideas, to make it your own sacred space where others come to get inspired, motivated, educated and influenced by

what you have to say.

This will be your ONLY place on the internet where others can find you, listen to you, hear your ideas every day or every week.

You can watch Bill gates talks, interviews on youtube but that’s limited. For getting access to his ideas ever week, You can ONLY find him at gatesnotes.com.

Talking to Gary Vaynerchuk is next to impossible especially when you’re sitting miles away from him. The good news is that he consistently spread his thoughts on

Gary V TV.

And there are many more.

The next step is connecting all roads (social media, workshops) back to your single biggest valuable asset that helps strangers know where you exactly exist.

What’s your sacred space, Where others can feel you?

Is it your blog or your weekend workshop classes?

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