A telephone can make a difference

When it comes to customer service, most brands try to shy away by merely giving their email or long complaint forms with a promise to reply back within 24 hours.

And not all the time, customers are satisfied especially when it comes to online shopping.

But exceptions are always there!

An online shoe and clothing retailer named Zappos is doing remarkable stuff - not by offering products for a cheaper price but by giving a “wow” customer service. And guess what, the

secret of their awe-stupendous customer service lies in the “telephone”.

That’s right! Now you must have heard or even personally experienced customer care which is pretty much average and boring. isn't it?

Surprisingly, Zappos decided to fill this hole by giving their employees a 4-week training bot like a typical call centre one but purely based on making an emotional connection with the customer to solve their problem with care and empathy.

Moreover, the customer care team is free to decide “what’s the right thing to do” at the time

of customer call without any scripts or policies like traditional call centers.

Because their end goal is to make customers happy no matter what.

But if we look at the big picture, this small act of personal connecting and engaging with your customers over the phone helps Zappos to make a loyal customer base that wants to come back again and again.

Rather, investing big bucks on advertising and billboards, it’s more beneficial our time, energy and money on the people we’re serving to. Because in the end, the products might not make a difference but the feeling of interaction with your brand (or personal brand) will last forever.

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