A note from “imagination”


I am imagination.

Whenever people listen to my name they think that I can only be found in London design school or at streets of silicon valley. A few see me as the ally of Einstein and Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling.

Some get to this extreme that they started looking for me in books and courses where only my introduction is available, not the fully “me”.

I love to play with kids but school and colleges forgot me. Corporate offices often mention me, however, in reality, they are just faking me.

Everyone looks at me with respect, everyone trusts my power, everyone wants me…yet only a handful of them...actually finds me and use me to bring a change.

A lot was very close to using my full potential...unluckily this 👍 LIKE button opens the loooonnnngg gap between us.

Let me tell you a secret. The sacred place where I still hang out sometimes alone or with a new friend.

Park is my favourite place because kids are AWARE of me. When I get bored… I like to TRAVEL to a different place...usually by metro. At night I avoid enjoying at clubs instead I really like to talk with someone brain and QUESTION them about “Howz it’s going on?”

Oh...I missed it. Usually, you can easily spot me within a chaos of thoughts and desires.

In the end, I would say that people who look for me find me and who thinks me as a gift of God, sorry for them because they have underestimated themselves”

I am imagination. And like to PLAY with humans :)

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