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When Sal khan helped his cousin with algebra by creating a video tutorial for them, that went viral on youtube within days...the students who were bad at maths and science get a gift in the form “khan academy”- a free, non-profit online education service for anyone.

Similar was the case with Apple iPhone, a beautiful magic touch with no keypad and gorgeous high-resolution screen, was a dream gift for the people who want to hold not “just a phone” but a personal computer with powerful abilities.

World top products were not “just another” product in the market but these were a gift to the people helping them become a better version of themselves.

A gift is something that enhances the relationship between giver and receiver. It’s less about money and more about how the recipient feels when he/she use it, hold it, consume it, watch it, read it, listen to it, share it.

Is your work a gift for the people?

Does your work deepen your relationship with the other person?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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