7 Commandments of modern marketing

Today issue is going to be short, sweet and to the point. This is because I’m running late for my client meeting to be held in an hour due to some change in plans...plus, I want to make sure you get incredible value from this post whether it’s long or short.

Without further ado, let’s get on to our topic. So, what’s the work of a marketer, “to change our customer lives by giving them what they want or need”. Pretty simple, right? Of course, it is! However, the difficult part to get your customer to response through a call to actions, feedback, endorsements and other techniques in order to generate desired revenue that will fuel your brand growth drastically. Although, some startups and business find a quick hack to run mediocre digital ads that get them nowhere or hardly get succeded. So, from my expertise, below are seven marketing commandments you must focus on to get great results: 1. Show your prospective customers immediately that they are in the right place where they could find the best solution. 2. Know the emotional hot buttons or pain points of your prospective customer that are important to them. Repeat them over and over again relating to the desired outcome/result they are looking for. 3. Tell them why you have created this solution for them in the first place. Connect with them on a personal level by narrating your back story and talk to them like you’re having a one-2-one conversation. Be authentic and real. (Tip: Write your website copy that sounds more like human and less like a robot. (Tip #2: I can help you do so :)) 4. Design everything in a way that’s easy and intuitive for them to understand which will naturally evoke confidence, trust and credibility at an emotional level. 5. Show them the real value of your solution by addressing fixed beliefs and unshakable myths they already have in their minds. It’s your work to change their belief system. 6. Don’t leave them in dark. Tell them exactly what’s the next step they have to take so they get one step closer towards the result/outcome they want. 7. Take ways the risk involved or better turn it around in order to help them make a logical buying decision. If your a startup or mid-sized business, I promise you that by following above commandments, your marketing efforts will pull through tremendously. With that, my timer rings and I had to leave. Talk to you tomorrow :)

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