5-step recipe for leading a community

Here’s a 5-step recipe for leading a community I learned from Seth Godin.

But first, let’s clarify two important things:

You don’t need to take any permission from anyone for leading a community and second, “fear” will always be there when leading a community. So, learn to live with it.

Your fear should not override your passion to lead.

Now, let’s focus on the main thing, the recipe for leading:

Step 1: You must have faith in your idea. Because that faith will ignite your passion, making you overwhelmed with the need to share it with another human being.

Step 2: Find another human and share the idea with him/her.

Step 3: If that human feels connected with your idea, ask him/her to share it with others.

Step 4: Find another human being, share your passion/idea again, and put him/her in contact with the person you found in the previous step.

Step 5: Repeat the process from step 3.

Pause for a moment.

This recipe is invalid or can leftover paper if you don’t have:-

Vision and Passion. Work on them before you start leading.

If you already have these two, Congratulation! you're ready to lead!

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