If you’re in a relationship with someone...it can be your wife, your business partner, your office boss or your customer...the future of your relationship depends on the responsibility taken by both parties.

That’s where the conflict happens.

Both, Parties A and B have unrealistic expectations from each other take as each one of them wants another person to take 100% responsibility. “ I have done x and I expect you to do y for me”. So, each party tends to blame the other, to point the finger as it were.

The other way around is to follow, 100-0 principle. It says “give your 100% and expect 0 %in return.” It sounds contradicting but it works in this world where people are more than selfish to take everything from you.

The positive side of 100-0 is that more often, after watching the authenticity, generosity, effort and transparency from one side the other party quickly chooses to take responsibility for the relationship also.

And when that occurs, the 100-0 automatically transformed into 100-100 and true breakthroughs starting happening within the relationship.

The key element here is authenticity and generosity. Humans are smarts at guessing when you’re faking things :)

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