1% better

We are so indulged in the daily tasks that we forgot to measure our progress towards our weekly or yearly goals. And we assume in our heads that “yeah, I’m making progress” but I don’t’ think so. It’s all because we’re not aware of the fact that, how we are measuring our progress?

I know, majority of us don’t ask these questions to themselves. And the only reason for this is, humans are afraid to measure things. Of course, we like to eat the fruits but when it comes to watching our daily progress, we shy away.

After all, comparing our today self with the yesterday self takes courage and bravery.

By not measuring our progress we’re giving up the control and focused more on guessing work, without even knowing that our actions really taking forward or backwards or worst, taking now where.

Yes, we can’t measure everything especially, how the outcome will look like. As if we’re focused more on the results, not on the performance we might get discouraged and unmotivated by imagining “what-if...is not achieved”.

Alternatively, we should start getting 1% better at what we do, on a weekly basis. Now, I’m talking about those impractical motivational quotes out there which pump you by telling hypothetical stories and stats leaving you without a plan of action.

Practically speaking, the only way I found to get a better 1% better every week is by observing your actions and habits.

What do you practice regularly to improve your business, art or skills? How much time do you invest each day to practice that skill? What one new thing you learned today, that’s not directly related to your profession?

These are some self-inquires that can help us to measure whether we’re improving 1% better at what we do or not!

Another parameter to measure your progress is money. How much more/less money you’d make this week than the previous one. But this is too hard to measure, for everyone.

A thing to keep in mind is, to get 1% better we need more than just measuring our progress. I’m talking about our intention and conviction. If you lack these things, you cannot dedicate your heart, mind and soul at making regular improvement.

So, Pick the habit that works best for you, take the action that feels right to you and contribute towards your goals!

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