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I work with startups, mid-sized businesses in making their brand appear more like humans.
Just like a living, breathing human being.

Now, you might pose this question: “What! Humans?” 


Well, my approach is a little bit different from other experts out there.


I see companies, not like another business, not like another product, but an opportunity to make change happen. 


Now, this fact is also true that every company is NOT a brand.  


I believe that a brand is more than a catchy logo, it’s like a human who is having these 3 important traits:


  1. Voice

  2. Personality

  3. Vision to help others


It was never about the name, logo and money. Instead, the game was all about making that connection...emotional connection with their audience. 


And for turning ON that connection you need to appear more like human because HUMANS connects with HUMAN. Sounds simple, yet effective.


I’m sure, most of the people disagree with me on this. I respect that. 


Everyone has a different way to view things. Similar is the case with marketers and brand expert. I don’t wanna prove someone's systems and theory wrong.


This is what I believe. And lemme tell you, this approach helped my clients in transforming their business into an irresistible brand.

I know you wisely use your time to read something, but still, if you’re interested, here’s a little bit about me.

I grew up in Delhi to a middle-class family and just like any other smart kid in the city, I opted for engineering.

While doing engineering I learned two valuable lessons:

  1. Keep your head down, don’t ask hard questions.

  2. After completing 4 years of education, spam out your resume for a corporate job.


Yeah, this was “super” valuable, according to them only.


In fact, in my college days, I used to blindly follow all these instructions and landed three internships within one year.

That’s when it all started. I started exploring different fields for finding my passion. For finding that work, I love to do. So, I hopped from learning one skill to learning another skill very next month.

I always used to skip what I was doing, looking for my so-called “passionate work.” My life had become like Marlin from movie  Finding Nemo where he was desperately searching for his abducted son Nemo. Similarly, I was “Finding my passion” in every work.

Android dev, graphic designing, Human resource, Business development, Salesperson all these are the skills, I tried to become master in but miserably failed.   

Finally, in my final semester, I gave myself a break for exploration journey to focus on my studies (because of my back-logs). 

First breakthrough…

During my final semester, at weekends I used to read and watch some marketing “gurus”, they always babble about some complex marketing jargons like- Copywriting, direct marketing, PPC, branding strategy...that pushes me to open google and search for them.


I don’t know if other people found this interesting or not but being exposed to these terms and scraping their meanings from internet generated curiosity in me to learn more and more.


At nights, after completing my studies, I started playing with copywriting and digital marketing.


That the only time in my life, I was enjoying “doing” more than just taking knowledge. Even at times, procrastination and laziness try to control me, to stop me. But this time I was serious about this. 


At that point, I was like “Is this the thing I was looking for?” And my intuition says “YES!”


First Client…


It was the startup at which I was an intern. In my 7th semester. They were the first one to TRUST me as a FREELANCER COPYWRITER.


That's right! Freelancer. My first experience working from home as a freelancer. Yippee! No boss No boring work No one to track my work time. I was too excited about this project. 


But as said rightly, You don’t succeed in the first time. 


Truly, it was harder than I expected. Being a freelancer is not a joke. You have to be responsible for your own work, you have to deliver within the deadline, you have to be a real leader.


I completed my first project on time- not so successfully.


I learned TWO key lessons from that project:


  1. Freelancing is different from being a mechanical Turk.

   2. Responsibility, consistency and value should be kept in mind while doing freelancing.

Working on skillsets…

Even though I had finished my first project, it doesn’t mean the journey is been quite smooth. 


My first freelancing experience makes me more inspired to do REMARKABLE and UNSMITAKABLE work. And again, I was damn serious to create a difference in my clients business.  


For that, I worked on my mindset and skillset.


Over the past 6 months I've learned and experimented with:


  • Customer onboarding

  • Content strategy

  • Consultation

  • Email marketing

  • Online Market Research


And I called them the “Golden-6” because every online business is not complete without them. 

Plus, I am learning the art of public speaking as well, trying to become better in spreading my ideas into this world.

Some of the skills are still on my “To-do list” that I wanna learn. In future, I will also include them in my offerings.

Currently, I consider myself as an artist rather than just being another brand storyteller in the market.

As NY- times bestseller author Seth Godin says:

“Art isn't only a painting. Art is anything that's creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the viewer, not only with the creator.”


I believe in this.  My art is my work and I wanna create it more and more so this helps the viewer i.e my clients, my readers, my people in my case.


I don’t care who and what my competitors are doing. I’m not against them, but I care for my art and my people who want to listen/read my stuff.


This is my story till the date...the journey is in progress.


Thanks for making till the end :)

My core principles

  1. Always tell the TRUTH: I consider this as a  “must-have” value in whichever business you are.

  2. Pour your LOVE in your art-piece: Never create something without love, passion and generosity.

  3. Transform lives by being REMARKABLE: Don’t settle for the “best”.  Create something worth talking about. 

  4. INNOVATE without fear: Try to look at things from a different angle. Keep doing crazy experiments.

  5. Fail fast, LEARN fast: Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

  6. Value HUMAN-connection:  Connect with people, build strong relationships and treat them with respect.

I’m perfect at all times? Not at all! 


But by always keeping in mind the “Why” behind all my work, I can operate at a higher level, creating a better world around us.

Nice things said about me
Nice things said about me
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